Happy New Year 2019!

​​Hello and welcome back to Jersey Firefighters Now newspaper. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year celebration. But before we ring in the New Year, I want to thank all of those in the fire service and their families who took part in all the different holiday charities this year. The fire service always goes above and beyond during the holidays by helping and giving to those in need. Thank you very much for volunteering your time and making others who are less fortunate a little happier. God Bless you all and thank you for your time and service. Also, I would like to thank our family of readers and subscribers for making 2018 another successful year.

We here at Jersey Firefighters Now do everything we can to make every year better than the previous, so you and your families can enjoy all the new and current benefits offered in our ads and articles. This leads me to my next special mention; I personally would like to thank all the new advertisers and sponsors who have done such an amazing job this year reaching out to New Jerseys firefighters and their families. Thank you for giving us such wonderful benefits, discounts, and opportunities that you display in your ads, whether in the newspaper or on our online website. We here at Jersey Firefighters Now search every valuable resource necessary to help and assist everyone in the New Jersey fire service all year round and in every issue. I also want to thank all our writers who do a phenomenal job relaying the best information pertaining to an array of categories to our readers. We are also grateful to our many photographers who go out taking photographs during some of the roughest climate and dangerous environment. You are all truly second to none and I am very proud to say you are a part of our family. I also want to thank our fire instructors who I feel are within the highest level of fire education anywhere throughout the state and country.

In conclusion, I want to thank the Jersey Firefighters Now staff who work very hard on every issue, ensuring each reader receives complete details and information in our articles and advertisements, giving each story the full exposure, it deserves. Our Jersey Firefighters Now family is growing stronger and stronger every year and thanks to you and our staff we will make 2019 better than ever before. I am blessed to be around such wonderful people who believe in getting the real fire news out there to all the hard-working men and women firefighters in New Jersey. God bless you all and have a safe, healthy, prosperous, and Happy New Year. Please feel free to email me anytime if you or anyone you know has anything that needs exposure. Contact me via email or my mobile phone anytime especially if you are business who benefits Firefighters and would like some information on how to place an Ad in our next issue. My email: JerseyFirefighters@yahoo.com. Thank You, Happy New Year and Stay Safe!

Editor In Chief

Ret NFD F/F Freddy Tenore

Email: JerseyFirefighters@yahoo.com

Phone: 973-640-0335

Managing Editor’s Perspective

On behalf of our editorial staff, I would like to thank all of our talented writers and photographers for their dedication and commitment during 2018. Moving forward, we will continue to bring our readership the highest quality and most current issues involving New Jerseys fire service in 2019. We wish all of our staff and followers a safe and prosperous New Year!

Joseph R. Uliano, M.A., Ed.S.

Managing Editor