Hello and a Happy Spring to Every-one. Welcome back to another issue of Jersey Firefighters Now newspaper. I hope that everybody had a good warm winter. I also hope, that you appreciated Mother Nature not being as cruel to us with the snow this year as she has in years past. Shoveling hydrants, we’re definitely a minimum. Ha!

I did notice some big jobs through this winter and in some real brutal cold weather too, notably the Marcal Paper Company in  Elmwood Park, during sub-freezing temperatures which landed on the front cover of our newspaper. This was arguably one of Bergen County’s largest fires and it unanimously received the votes to land the cover.

Our writer and photographer Chief Danzo did a tremendous job on Marcal story and photos, so please make sure you check it out. All our writers, photographers, instructors, and sponsors are the best in the busi-ness which is what separates us from the rest. During my years on the Newark Fire Department I did see similar jobs like Marcal and they surely are a handful especially in brutal cold conditions. Firefighters did a great job at this fire and I personally want to commend them on their hard work that day and night as well as every day and night they step foot in the firehouse.

So now that spring is here and summer approaching, please do not forget to contact me or anyone from our newspaper staff for great deals on advertising in the Jersey Firefighters Now newspaper. Our online version is just as popular to readers as our newspaper is, so please, if you or anyone you know owns a business or recently opened a business that benefits emergency workers please join our family of ads. We here at Jersey Fire-fighters Now newspaper work harder each issue to reach every firefighter in New Jersey and beyond, as well as their families. If you or someone you know has a story or product regarding the New Jersey Fire Service in need of exposure, please locate my contact information below and contact me anytime. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you and Stay Safe.

F/F Freddy Tenore (Ret.) Newark F.D. Editor-In-Chief

Managing Editor’s Perspective