New Jersey Deputy Chiefs Association Endorsement

Jersey Firefighters Now Lands Huge Endorsement From New Jersey Deputy Chiefs Association

On Monday, November 6, 2017 the New Jersey Deputy Chiefs Association’s President, Charlie Lind Jr. invited Freddy Tenore, Editor-In-Chief of Jersey Firefighters Now to their monthly meeting and surprisingly made him an honorary member in front of over 35+ high ranking chief officers from throughout the State of New Jersey, who were in attendance.

Freddy spoke and gave his overview on the newspaper and how it is expanding for the better good throughout New Jersey’s fire service. He spoke about the newspaper’s goals and where he would like the newspaper to be in the future in regards to its in-depth articles on safety training, education, pictures, equipment, news, information etc. One thing that Freddy mentioned which really caught interest with the Deputy Chiefs was the goodwill aspect of the newspaper. For example, if a fire department is doing a fundraiser for its department or if a firefighter is ill and needs some financial attention and or exposure, he would like to be emailed at, with the information and pictures in an article format so Jersey Firefighters Now can do everything they can to help in the cause by giving it the exposure it deserves.

For Jersey Firefighters Now to receive this endorsement from the Deputy Chiefs Association is not only an honor but a privilege, because they are the true leaders of knowledge to not only the fire service, but to the public as well. They understand the newspaper’s mission to bring goodwill and very important information into the hands of New Jerseys bravest, their families, and their supporters. This is still a work in progress, but as we move into 2018 the association will spread the word out and periodically send out a notice or newsletter like they did in the last issue of Jersey Firefighters Now, which was based on topics that they feel very strongly about for the betterment of the fire service.

In conclusion, Ret. Newark Firefighter Freddy Tenore thanked  President Charlie Lind Jr. and the entire Association for the endorsement making clear to them that if there’s anything important in regards to the New Jersey Fire Service family that they feel needs exposure to please email him anytime, so that Jersey Firefighters Now Newspaper can get it ready for publication, giving it the exposure it needs.